Another day, another legend

There are very few names that comes to mind when someone talks of Ghazals. The name I would always remember first will be Jagjit Singh. It has been more than 20 years since I seriously started listening to Ghazals. Jagjit Singh's melodious and soothing voice has since been a constant companion and not even a week has gone by when I have not heard his ghazals. I had the pleasure of seeing him live in concert in Pune once. His soul-stirring renditions with humorous interludes made the evening most pleasant and unforgettable. The best era for him was when he sang with his equally talented wife, Chitra. I recall one of their ghazals from album, Passion where Chitra sings: 

Ye kya Jaane mein Jaana hai, jaate ho khafaa hokar

Main jab jaanoon, mere dil se chale-jaao juda hokar

RIP Jagjit. You were, are and will always remain my favorite singer.