Microsoft's master plan to beat Apple and Google

Microsoft is staging a comeback -- and, unlikely as this sounds, it's one Apple and Google should be worried about.

Microsoft's recipe relies on three key ingredients: Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox. The secret sauce, which features a dash of Bing and SkyDrive, is still simmering. But Microsoft is nothing if not patient, and it thinks its trio of core consumer products will blend together in the next few years to form a major new ecosystem.

Not sure of the comeback part yet. Windows 8 is still to be released, you have to join the race to be able to win it. With Windows Phone, Microsoft is in the Mobile race and Nokia is providing the thrust. Innovations like Kinect is what taking XBOX to a leader position. I am yet to come across a concrete strategy by Microsoft across these three devices. For e.g. will my WP apps work as it is on XBOX or Windows 8? What I agree on is the fact that with these three platforms, Microsoft has the tools to be successful in the Consumer space. In a winner takes all market, it will be intresting to see Microsoft's journey towards increasing share in Tablet and Mobile space. Time will tell.