The innovations of Internet Explorer

While it’s easy and popular to poke at Internet Explorer, in reality, we wouldn’t have the web as we know it today if not for its contributions. Where would the web be without XMLHttpRequest and innerHTML? Those were the very catalysts for the Ajax revolution of web applications, upon which a lot of the new capabilities have been built. It seems funny to look back at the browser that has become a “bad guy” of the Internet and see that we wouldn’t be where we are today without it.

Yes, Internet Explorer had its flaws, but for most of the history of the Internet it was the browser that was pushing technology forward. Now that were in a period with massive browser competition and innovation, it’s easy to forget where we all came from. So the next time you run into people who work on Internet Explorer, instead of hurling insults and tomatoes, say thanks for helping to make the Internet what it is today and for making web developers one of the most important jobs in the world.

Enough said. Can't agree more.