We are removing all the blogs from the default page to this page. As we had assumed, it was becoming very difficult maintaining these, So we thought of going with Blogger. You will find all these entries here:

Bhavdeep's Getting Married
Thursday, Dec 20, 2001
Bhavdeep, a long time friend from Louisville is getting married in May 2002. This is some news. As far as we know, Bhavdeep and Girls don't go together..:) Heartiest Congratulations to him.

High Time
Wednesday, Dec 19, 2001
We finished this layout some 3 months back. It's high time we release it to the world. Send us your feedback at webjives@webjives.com. For the time being it's just one page. We will be devoting more time to this site in near future so keep checking.

Sunday, Sept 17, 2001
Welcome to WebJives :: Me & You. This site will serve both as our personal web site and as a place of useful information for fellow software developers.