Haskell and the Language of the Year Project

Ever heard of Haskell. Well, From what I have gathered, it's a Programming Language which is purely Functional unlike C, Java etc(These are imperative languages). A study group has been started called Loty 2002 Study Group, where the focus will be learning Functional Programming through a study of Haskell Language. For more details, Visit Loty page on Pragmatic Programmer website.

I think, it's a great idea of learning a new language every year. It's very important to be multilinguistic when it comes to programming languages. Knowing more than one language brings with it an understanding not only of each language’s strengths and weaknesses, but also how they can work together to solve technical problems.

I have joined this group and from whatever introductions of the members I have seen so far, it seems it will be very productive and interesting. I will be writing more on my and group's progress on Haskell in the coming month's.