We're back

We are back from our vacation. The vacation was good although we feel we did not get enough time to relax and spend with our folks. It was very hectic and we were constantly running here and there the whole time. The weather kept changing all the time causing us some trouble. The Carbon Monoxide levels are on the rise. But that's the way it is, has been in India. Pune(The city where we belong to) has changed. There were "n" number of coffee shops throughout the city. Some shopping malls have also sprung up. Watch out Bombay.

While we are recuperating from the Jet Lag, there are tonnes of emails at work that need to be worked upon. It will take some time to catch up on what went through the last three weeks at work. Off work, there is the LOTY Project we need to get involved in back again. We will also be concentrating on ASP.Net now that we bought a book while in India.