Identifying Fonts

We can easily identify the difference between serif, sans serif and script fonts. But how many fonts can we identify, 10, 20 maybe even 100. Well that should be enough, for we don't use more than 10 fonts in our day to day working. For example in this site we have used verdana font at all the places barring the Logo image which we made using "Trajan Bold" font from Adobe.

But, at times we need to find that particular font we saw someplace. At such times, services like Identifont and WhatTheFont comes into play. Identifont allows you to identify a font by asking you a series of simple questions whereas at WhatTheFont, you can upload the image or specify the URL to the image and it will give you a list of matching fonts. We now have our many questions answered except for just one. What's that font Andrew Sullivan is using on his site?