Cool Dude, We've got a SONY VAIO

Atlast, It arrived. Our Sony VAIO (GRX500 series) Notebook. With a screen of 15" (XGA), it's not a compact and lightweight eyecandy, but it's what we wanted (in fact Deepak wanted to go for the one with 16.1" screen, No way). It is powerful with 1.6 MHz Pentium 4-M processor and then we got it customized with 512 MB RAM, DVD/CD-RW drive and a 30 GB hard drive. With Windows XP Professional operating system, shall we say We've arrived at the .Net scene. There will be no excuse for not learning .Net and trying out few things now (At work, .Net is atleast 6 months away). And this beauty in purple and black didn't come alone, it came with an Epson Color printer (free after rebate) and a free DVD(Black Hawk Down)