Userland Software's deal with Salon

Salon.com in partnership with Dave Winer's UserLand Software will allow user's to publish their own weblogs through Salon. These blogs will be powered by Radio Userland tool. The service along with the software will cost the users $39.95 a year (30 day free trial period). Read this Press Release for more details. Now, you head over to Recently Changed Weblogs page on Salon, You will see a high-water mark at the bottom of the page which stood at "70 weblogs, on 7/24/2002; 5:44:06 PM". This high water mark looks like the total number of weblogs created under this partnership. In just 2 days they've reached this figure and I know this will have an exponential increase(atleast for the next few days/weeks). I understand most of these started under 30 day trial period, but even if half of these guys actually bought the service, that translates into handsome $$ figure for both Userland Software and Salon. So, What's the moral of the story(read partnership). No it's not dollars for Dave Winer (actually it is). As for me, this shows the power the medium of Blogging brings to these people, And who does not like power and power at $40 is no big deal. Just my 2 cents !!