Are you ready for the Magic of Web Services?

Are you and your organization ready for web services ? Ready or not, here come Web Services, screams the title of this article on ZDNet. As suggested by this article, we think that its time the organizations who want to to be leaders in their streams start working towards developing Web Services and then deploying these. Yeah, we know the security is a big concern, but we can always start with giving just the read access to the users and then when the security standards are ripe, just plug these in. Till that time, SSL and certificates should suffice. What do you think, Let us know at webjives@webjives.com. We will expand upon this topic of Web Services readiness in a following article, so keep checking.

Update: On a related note, Read this report at CRMdaily, How To Prioritize Web Services Development.
"Mission-critical apps should be upgraded first. The goal of this step is to create a single front-end interface to enterprise systems for multiple end-users inside the organization. - We are not very sure if we should start with Mission critical apps as this report suggests. It has to be internal applications as reported, maybe intranet based or applications feeding to different business groups within the enterprise but certainly not mission critical apps.