Windows XP: What's the Business Verdict?

Newsfactor reports on adoption of Windows XP by home and corporate users:

"Greg Sullivan, Microsoft's lead Windows XP product manager, told NewsFactor that XP's overall adoption rate is higher than for any other Windows product.
"Windows XP continues to be the fastest-selling version of Windows in history, with over 46 million copies sold through OEMs and retail outlets since its launch last October," Sullivan said.
That number includes both home and corporate users; Microsoft has declined to release a breakdown of home version versus professional version sales.
John Meyer, senior industry analyst at Giga Information Group, told NewsFactor: "Our belief is that the majority of that 46 million is people upgrading home PCs. For right now, companies are definitely upgrading, but there's not a huge wave of them...."
"There are leading-edge firms, like financial companies, that tend to be early adopters," he said. "They're the ones that have already upgraded -- the large enterprises."

True, This is the case. Almost all our friends including us have XP now and the financial company we are currently working at is going for XP in a big way.