Bill Gates bullish on India

Bill gates seems to be very bullish on India. After pledging $100 million towards AIDS spread/prevention causes through his charity, he now says that Microsoft will invest $400 million in boosting education, business partnerships, localisation efforts and software development in India. This is the largest set of investments ever done by Microsoft outside US. Bill Gates and Microsoft see the oppurtunity that India provides with billions of home still unconnected (and without desktops) and the remaining connected ones with Microsoft OS's and softwares. Linux is still entering the Indian market and I guess some part of this $400 million will be used to compete against it.

Analysts say Microsoft needs India's vast army of software developers to make cheap and reliable software based on its Windows operating systems to meet competition from Linux which is a free, easily modifiable rival.

Microsoft will also be releasing the localized(Hindi) versions of Microsoft XP and Office XP softwares.

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