Water: Simplified Web Services Programming Language

SD Magazines's DevTalk newsletter's november issue talks of a new Web Services programming language, Water.

Water™ is a new Web services and general-purpose programming language that allows you to program in ConciseXML syntax. It is an open, object-oriented language designed to simplify the creation of new Web services. Water is extremely flexible and adheres to a "Learn Once, Use Everywhere" philosophy where data, logic, and presentation have a uniform representation. Water leverages your existing investment in processes, tools and platforms, and lets you incrementally adopt a Web service architecture. A thin-client development environment is freely available and services are easily deployed on a standard industry platform.

You can try out the Steam IDE and the runtime engine from Clear Methods for non-commercial use. Water's available for most platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac. I tried it out and am really impressed by the simplicity it offers.