Why is Pakistan still called a Democracy?

I don't understand, why Pakistan is still being called a Democracy. Economist writes after the Military Dictator, General Musharraf, postponed the opening of the country's new parliament.

IN MOST democratic countries, governments are made and unmade in parliament. Not so in Pakistan. A month after the general election of October 10th returned a hopelessly fractured parliament, there is still no knowing when parliament will actually meet to approve a prime minister.

After the most farcical elections in Pakistan, We are seeing a hung parliament. General Musharraf has distorted the entire constitutional and legal process in the country in such a manner that Pakistan can no longer be called a Democracy. And he is not done yet. With Benazir Bhutto's, Pakistan People's Party and Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal (MMA) party which is an alliance of six islamic parties striking a deal (that's a different story altogether) to keep General backed Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid away from the power, he has gone ahead and delayed the start of the parliament by atleast a week. And even if this state of hung parliament is resolved, one thing is clear, Pakistans new government cannot be formed without the help of MMA, and the real fun starts there. Pakistan needs US backing and financial support and I'm sure US won't like talking to an Islamic-Secular alliance(which talks of expelling US forces from Pakistan) in its fight against Al-Qaeda and terrorism. So what are General's choices? Promise for another Elections in three year's time period, til then enjoy being a dictator. Who cares, The World's still calling Pakistan a DEMOCRACY.