First Blog Anniversary

It's one year since we started Blogging. In this one year we blogged about a lot of things with a concentration on .Net/Web Services/mostly techie stuff. It has been a great experience. Not only did we get to read and learn from other blogs, we also made some really great online friends. A year ago Kottke, Glish, Keep Trying, Scripting News were our favourite blogs. Of these Scripting News remains today with many other added (See the blogroll). Kiruba Shankar's blog was the first Indian blog we remember coming across. He is still churning great blogs.

Year 2002 was the year of weblogs, the year when blogging caught the eyes of mainstream press and we are happy that we became a part of this revolution. Although we would have liked to blog every single day of the year but somehow we don't have Wineristic skills. We will continue blogging next year. Here's looking forward to the next several years of blogging and having you all here with us. Cheers !!