An evening of Comebacks

Pitsburgh Steelers spoiled what would have been a perfect weekend for us sitting in front of the TV. They rallied from a 17 point deficit to defeat Cleveland Browns 36-33. Three touchdown passes in the last 19 minutes, awesome. We kept believing final 54 secs of the game will bring some of the last minute Browns magic back again but no, not this time. In another game, San Fransisco 49ers came back from a 24 point deficit to beat NY Giants 39-38. What a game that was? One word, Intense. Weekend got a great start with Ohio State Buckeyes getting a win over Miami Hurricanes 31-34 to win the Fiesta Bowl. What a season for Buckeyes. The party that begun friday night in Tempe, Arizona will continue for a long time in Columbus. Cheers !!

Update: The NFL issued a press release on Monday stating that officials should have flagged a 49ers defender for pass interference on the final play of the game, allowing the Giants a second chance at a game-tying field goal. Does that take anything away from Garcia and his men, I don't think so.