Consolidate Database Servers

Last week's InformationWeek had a story on how many companies have database software that uses only 10% to 15% of capacity and how a startup Savantis Systems comes to the rescue for such companies.

The Savantis solution, dbSwitch™, maximizes database availability while minimizing the costs of hardware and software. The patent-pending dbSwitch technology allows data centers to pool database servers in order to leverage resources across multiple applications. The result is a Database Area Network (DAN), a unique network-based approach to the provisioning and management of database services. Servers and databases may be added to the DAN without requiring any changes to the DBMS or to database applications.

Over the years I have seen so many database servers getting wasted with just 40-50 GB data and I have also seen the opposite, where database rationing was the utmost priority. This product when released can certainly reduce the hardware costs and what more would you want in today's world. Keep an eye.