The Deliberate Revolution: Transforming Integration With XML Web Services

Came across a great article on web services by Mike Burner, a software architect at Microsoft. Some very good information in there, especially the section on Service Patterns, where he describes the use of patterns for designing web services. The patterns he describes includes, Facade (to encapsulate complexity), Interception (Is this the same as Proxy pattern?) and few other non-standard ones (EAI Hubs, Information Portals, Catalog Publication, Business Process Management etc). To conclude the article he writes:

As the Internet becomes the backbone for data and application integration, common schema for describing our world and our interactions will unblock the flow of information between organizations, and allowing us to communicate with a precision we have never known before. But this shift requires organizations, from small businesses to world governments, to reconsider how data and processes are managed. The software industry, meanwhile, must deliver on technology that allows people to express and manipulate the information that drives our businesses, our societies, and our social interactions. Web services promise to be central to every facet of the transformation

I would rate the article as essential read for anyone interested in Web Services.