Fortune 500: Wal-Mart rules yet again

Fortune magazine released it's Fortune 500 list yesterday and no surprises there, Wal-Mart retained it's title as the # 1 company in the US. Another company I love, GE stood at #5. Not surprisingly, Enron and WorldCom are nowhere to be seen. According to Fortune's Editors if Wal-Mart continues bringing in profits like this, it could very well open up a gap between other top companies and maintain it's position for many years. Personally, I love Wal-Mart, Why? because of it's low prices and it's penetration in US cities. Wherever I have stayed in US, I could find my friendly neighbourhood Wal-Mart. Most of the times I've had choices of what Wal-Mart store to visit because of their proximity. Another reason for this love is one project I did for Wal-Mart while working for GE Appliances. Cool !!