Google Ads

Hopefully, You guys have noticed it, We have been running Google Ads on our website for slightly over a month now. The run has been great with Google Ads bringing quite some revenue (a year's website hosting costs covered already). Google pays by Click Through Ratio of the ads. What this means is that it won't pay for the number of impressions but instead will pay for the clicks on these ads. So for e.g. you had 50 impressions and only 5 people clicked the ads, you will get money for only 5 clicks. Now, we've not quite understood how Google calculates Click-Through amount to be given. It varies all the time it seems.

A very cool feature of Google Ads are the content specific ads. So for same javascript code that Google supplies you when you register for Google Adsense program, you get different ads on different pages. Well, this is expected of Google.

One more thing we can make out is that if the content is stagnant for some time, the revenues start dropping off. This is because the readership falls when we don't write anything new. So we now have one more motive to keep blogging.