Scott McNealy's Xmas dream

Scott McNealy's Xmas dream
Next up on the Big Guy's lap is Paul Otellini of Intel. "Santa, can't I please, please have a 64-bit processor that works?"

Santa puts on a very stern face. "Paul, last year you wished for that and I gave you Itanium. Now you can't just throw it in the trash because you're fed up with it. You've got to find a way to make it work."

"Aw, Santa. You know it'll never work. Our engineers know it'll never work. Only HP believes it'll work - and those guys believe in fairies and elves." Paul trudges off sullenly.

Next up is a parent without her son. She looks out of breath and flustered, and I realize that her Timmy is one of the kids who have been ricocheting around the mall like a pinball. As she rushes by, she stops for a second to say to Santa: "Can I please have something that lets me keep track of my youngest son Timmy? How come you can track a present halfway around the world in real-time, and I can't find my son halfway across the mall?"

Santa pats her on the arm and says, "I have just the thing. Use it to track the reindeer and the Claus kids myself. It's called an RFID locator and I'll put one under the tree for you."

"Make it two," said the mom over her shoulder as she spotted Timmy on the second floor crosswalk. "Half the time I can't find his father Bob either."