Consumerization of IT

This weekend I have been reading a lot about Consumerization of IT, a term coined by Gartner. It all started by my reading of a Gartner report titled, Consumerization of IT in Retail: Be Ready When Employees Come to Buy Corporate Technology in Your Store. This consumerization is going to affect a lot of industries and companies. According to the report, this will have a great impact on Retail industry and how companies make purchases. Some companies are allowing their companies to purchase their own technology, such as laptops and mobile phones and these employees will purchase only from those retailers who are ready with corporate class products and services. Gartner report is predicting that this can cause a shift in purchases from value-added resellers to retailers. Retailers will need to make changes to their stores, staff and merchandise mix if they want to secure part of this new market.

While this is one view, another view is that Consumerization of IT will pose a major threat to security in Enterprises.

One of the most-significant threats to enterprise security is the consumerization of IT, and as more consumer technologies enter the enterprise, security managers must prepare for, and manage, the security risks, according to Gartner, Inc. Employees expect to use more of their personal equipment and services at work, and enterprises are simultaneously adopting more consumer technologies in business operations.

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