535K XBOX 360 consoles sold in February

XBOX still riding the Kinect wave sold 535,000 units in February, 27% increase from the same period last year.

NPD: Xbox 360 tops U.S. console sales in February

Market research company NPD released its latest sales figures on Thursday. Despite a temporary slip in December (due to shortages), Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console has dominated the charts for 9 months. The Xbox 360 outsold both the Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 in February with 535,000 units. The sales figures are up 27% from the same period last year. “It’s a great month for us,” Xbox spokesman David Dennis told seattlepi.com, noting that Feburary 2011 was the Xbox’s biggest ever non-holiday month. “I think you can attribute the numbers to pent-up demand from the holidays for Kinect, particularly with the supply-chain issues we had.”