AT&T Stores Are Almost Completely Out of Lumia 900 Stock

Both Nokia and Microsoft need the Lumia 900 to succeed. Windows Phone is struggling. So is the once-top handset maker. But while they and AT&T has been pushing the Lumia 900 hard it looks like the carrier just doesn't have enough to go around.

Nokia won't talk hard Lumia 900 sales numbers until its earnings call this summer at the earliest. But after hearing rampant reports of depleted stock of the new phone, we decided to do some sniffing around. We talked to salespeople at 36 AT&T stores in major malls around the country, and where we learned that generally, they had sold out within the first couple of days after the phone's launch. The phone is "doing pretty fabulous" one Illinois rep said. They're "selling like crazy," an Ohio employee boasted. A Philadelphia location was the sole spot that said it hadn't sold out at all.

Good problem to have??