Goldman Sachs downgrades Microsoft

I say timing is little off. With the impending release of Windows Phone 7 and XBOX Kinect release, you would expect to wait for another three months to see if the tables turn and Microsoft being Microsoft will do well enough to sustain Investor confidence at their current levels in these three months.

Goldman downgrades Microsoft, makes case for major overhaul

Goldman Sachs is downgrading Microsoft from "buy" to "neutral," lowering its earnings estimates for the current fiscal year by 4 percent, and dropping its price target for the stock from $32 to $28. The reductions come in an extensive, strongly worded report on the Redmond company, released by the firm tonight.

"We believe the intrinsic value of shares cannot be unlocked if the status quo remains, and we have increased caution near term on a more elongated PC refresh cycle, combined with the newer threat of notebook cannibalization from tablets, where Windows does not yet have a presence," write Goldman Sachs analyst Sarah Friar and associates in the introduction to the report. "Since added to the Americas Buy list on 8/12/08, MSFT shares have returned -13%, compared to -11% for the S&P 500."