Mahabharata in Polyester: The Making of the World’s Richest Brothers and Their Feud

This book would be a great read.

The Economist: A durable yarn - A revealing account of India’s most colourful business family

DHIRUBHAI AMBANI grew up in a two-room home with an earthen floor in the Indian state of Gujarat, close to the Arabian Sea. Later this month his eldest son, Mukesh (pictured above, right), head of Reliance Industries and the world’s fourth richest man, will throw a party to show off his new home in Mumbai, a towering vertical palace with six floors of parking space, three helipads and a hanging garden.


Indians complain that social connections trump hard work. But no one worked harder than Dhirubhai at forging connections. “His philosophy was to cultivate everybody from the doorkeeper up,â€