MSN specialized content sites doing great

Microsoft’s Global Ad Sales Chief Carolyn Everson shared some insights into the specialized content sites Microsoft created in partnerships with companies like Berman Braun, Hachette, Rodale. Seems all these sites are doing well especially Wonderwall. 
  • Glo is #1 in audience engagement in its category against major competitors. 
    • Since its April launch, Glo has reached over five million unique users monthly, who generated an average of 80 million page views per month
    • Glo has seen incredible advertising demand – the site has been sold out for the last six months with key advertising partners, JCPenney, Unilever, Fox, P&G, Intel, NBC, Ford, Sony, Kellogg's, and more. 
  • Wonderwall has reached nearly 11.5 million unique users monthly, who generated an average of 341 million page views per month
    • Wonderwall is #1 in its category. 
    • Key advertisers this year have included NBC, Fox, Disney, The CW, Columbia Pictures, General Motors, Lexus, Toyota, Chrysler, Kraft, P&G, Wrigley's, Unilever, T-Mobile, and other big brands across categories. 
  • BLTWY’s engagement is nearly double that of category competitors. 
    • Average site visits on BLTWY have increased by 67% from November to December 2010, a strong indication of audience growth.