Show some love to RIM (maybe 1-2 quarters more)

RIM is getting some love from the Market today, reason, better than expected sales numbers. Profit rises to 45%. RIM is selling 14.2 M Blackberrys, shade more than iPhones.

NYT - Research In Motion Profit Rises 45%

R.I.M. said it shipped 14.2 million BlackBerrys in the quarter, narrowly beating Apple’s iPhone sales in its latest quarter, which ended in September. Most of R.I.M.’s growth is now coming from markets outside the United States, Canada and Britain, where the BlackBerry is the business phone of choice.

The company, based in Waterloo, Ontario, said its net income was $911 million, or $1.74 a share, up from $628 million, or $1.10 a share, a year earlier.

Analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters expected earnings of $1.65 a share, on average.

Revenue in the period, which ended Nov. 27 and was the third quarter of R.I.M.’s fiscal year, rose 40 percent to $5.49 billion, better than the $5.4 billion expected by analysts.

“International markets continue to adopt BlackBerry in record numbers,” R.I.M.’s co-chief executive, Jim Balsillie, said on a conference call with analysts.

Horace Dediu breaks up the numbers.