Sony Ericsson - Windows Phone 7 coming next year

Windows Phone 7 has another OEM now. Sony Ericsson will be focusing on Android along with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 next year. They are announcing discontinuing Symbian based phones.

Sony Ericsson: Windows Phone 7 handsets incoming, Symbian gets axed Sony Ericsson WILL Make WP7 Phones

Sony Ericsson’s new CTO, Jan Uddenfeldt, spoke with Swedish outlet NyTeknik declared the company would still be committing its resources to Android but also that Windows Phone 7 was still on its roadmap:

“Android is definitely our focus, but we have not given up on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system, although it had a bit slow to take off. But Windows 7 Phone is on the roadmap. However, we have at present no plans for new products with Symbian.”

It appears Uddenfeldt has the US market in mind, continuing pushing the popular Android operating system to consumers by also banking on the success of Windows Phone 7. Symbian gets the axe, now a common move for manufacturers looking to crack the North American markets.