Tim Cook's kiddish statement

Kiddish. Cook is no Jobs. 

Apple mocks Windows 7 adoption rates with phony figures

New Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage to detail Apple’s adoption rates for OS X Lion. Cook claimed “It took Windows 7 20 weeks to reach what it took Lion 2 weeks to get to in terms of install base.” Cook revealed that Lion has been downloaded 6 million times. “The results are staggering,” he said as a result of digital downloads.


It’s worth noting that despite the hype, Apple has only shipped 6 million copies of Lion. In comparison, Microsoft has sold over 400 million licences of Windows 7. The operating system is also expected to be installed on 42% of all PCs by the end of 2011. Windows 7 will also ship on 94% of all new PCs during 2011 according to Gartner, that’s nearly 635 million new PCs. Nevertheless, 72% of statistics are made up and 82% of people believe in them right?