Vision-less desperation doesn't take you anywhere

Sometimes it feels great to be right. Back in February HP announced FUD in the form of WebOS for PCs. I wrote at that time

Considering where they (actually Palm) are with WebOS (remember Palm Pre) over the last two years, it will be interesting to see how soon, if ever this translates into a reality. I think it will, but will it succeed, I have my doubts. As for the TouchPad release by HP today, Good Luck with the summer release, by then Apple would have released iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom will be a bigger reality.

And now, this.

Hewlett-Packard to Buy Autonomy for $10.3 Billion, Weighs PC Unit Spinoff

By discontinuing WebOS products, Apotheker is backtracking on a strategy he announced just five months ago to put WebOS software on every Hewlett-Packard computer. The operating system runs the company’s TouchPad tablet and a range of smartphones.

I was wrong about Xoom but right about everything else.

That leaves Windows Phone & Windows 8 as the only alternative to OEMs now. I see this as a consolidation of a kind. Few good platforms are better than hundreds of misguided, visionless ones. Somehow I am getting a feeling Microsoft is getting stronger day by day with their persistence and focus on evolving their platforms to the next generation.