Windows 8 to support Hyper-V

I have mixed feelings about these Building Windows 8 blog posts by Steven Sinofsky sharing features of Windows 8 and engaging community. Mixed because you lose the chance to Wow the larger set when you do Jobs-esque kind of presentation. But then I guess that applies more to consumer devices. Enterprises want to be ready for massive adoption exercises and need to budget for these investments before hand.

Anyways, today's post talks about Bringing Hyper-V to “Windows 8”. 64 bit Windows 8 will support Virtualization using Hyper-V. Ask a developer and they will tell you how big this step is with an added bonus of saving money which they would have burnt buying Windows Server versions.

Bringing Hyper-V to “Windows 8”

In this post we talk about how we will support virtualization on the Windows "client" OS. Originally released for Windows Server where the technology has proven very popular and successful, we wanted to bring virtualization to a core set of scenarios for professionals using Windows. The two most common scenarios we focused on are for software developers working across multiple platforms and clients and servers, and IT professionals looking to manage virtualized clients and servers in a seamless manner.