Windows Phone 7 Winning Indie App Developers

Shot in the arm for Windows Phone 7. Covers one of the best photo-editing apps on Windows Phone, Thumba. I expect the adoption growing multi-fold with Mango release and Nokia's arrival.

Why Is Windows Phone 7 Winning Over Some Indie App Developers?

While many app developers have merely reworked their Android or iOS apps to function on Windows Phone 7, a handful of independent app makers are developing exclusively in Microsoft's mobile operating system. Why are these bootstrapping coders throwing all of their (spare) time behind the insurgent OS, and not Android or iOS?

For some, it’s because there’s less competition on WP7, or because they’re most familiar with Microsoft’s tools, or because they simply don’t care for the way iOS and Android operate. Microsoft is fighting to exploit those beliefs and recruit the developers who hold them; the company's success or failure at doing so may mean the success or failure of the Windows Phone 7 platform.