Windows Slate devices may still be coming

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said today that several Windows-based slate devices would be coming to market this year to compete with Apple's iPad. I hope the move keeps Apple honest and increases competition.

Microsoft's Ballmer: Windows 7 slates are coming this year

Microsoft isn’t going to sit idly by and let slates from Apple and various Android backers run away with this market.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told the 14,000 partners during his July 12 keynote at the Worldwide Partner Conference to expect new Windows 7 slates before the end of this year.

Microsoft and its existing PC partners, including Asus, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba and Sony, will all be fielding Windows 7 slates in the coming months, Ballmer said. These slates will be available at a variety of price points and in a variety of form factors — with keyboards, touch only, dockable, able to handle digital ink, etc.