Mark my words

Mark my words, better still write them on a piece of paper and store them in a safe place. Rajesh Jain, Managing Director of NetCore details his vision of a new software platform which will bring computing to the masses in the developing word, what he calls the emerging markets. Rajesh could very well be the first MD (equivalent of CEO/CIO?) to come up and discuss his visions so openely in a weblog. I have seen CEO's discuss about a particular product or some new technology(although how many CEO's do we know,have blogs) but not complete vision of a new software platform in such details. But will he be the last one. No, this is just the beginning. Blogs have the potential of becoming the central mouthpiece of organizations around the globe. What better place to talk about your organizations mission, vision and values then in your blog. "Very soon every CEO will blog". Congrats Rajesh.