HealthVault - Platform Service Offering from Microsoft

Ray Ozzie's Software+Services strategy seems to be taking shape. During the 2007 Financial Analysts Meeting he spoke of platform approach to services. To quote him verbatim (emphasis mine),

Services is going to be a critical aspect of all of our offerings from Windows and Office on the client to Exchange and SharePoint and Dynamics and other things on the server, and in order to gain leverage across all of our offerings, we're taking a platform approach to services, giving each of our products the common benefits of cost, speed, scale and monetization that a platform approach offers….

We're building a platform to support our own apps and solutions, and to support our partners' applications and solutions, and to support enterprise solutions and enterprise infrastructure. We are the only company in the industry that has the breadth of reach from consumer to enterprises to understand and deliver and to take full advantage of the services opportunity in all of these markets.  

With HealthVault, Microsoft has done exactly that. From the press release:

Microsoft® HealthVault, a software and services platform aimed at helping people better manage their health information. The company outlined its vision for ways that HealthVault can bring the health and technology industries together to create new applications, services and connected devices that help people manage and monitor their personal health information, including weight loss and disease management, such as for diabetes.

What's exciting is that since it's a Platform service, it is already augmented by other Live Services such as Live Search (in this case, Live Search Health), Live Id etc. Also, with the HealthVault SDK, Microsoft has made the service extensible by developers, ISV's and Partners.

For more on Software + Services aspect of HealthVault, read the blog post by Dan Kasum