Mixx no match for Digg (so far)

According to Michael Arrington of TechCrunch Digg Refugees may be heading to Mixx. I don't quite understand what he means by Refugees but anyways, what I pointed out in this post was how Mixx is an upcoming Social Digging site and how Digg is way ahead of Mixx right now.

Below is the list of top media news websites which allow their stories to be shared using community-based popularity websites like Digg, Reddit etc.

Site Digg Reddit Mixx
The New York Times Yes No No
CNN Yes Yes No
Reuters Yes No Yes
Washington Post Yes Yes No
Guardian Yes Yes No
WSJ Yes No No
Portfolio.com Yes Yes No
ABC News Yes Yes No
Fox News Yes No No


Now as you can see, except for Reuters no other big Media/News websites allow their stories to be dug directly by Mixx. Support for Mixx is miniscule as compared to Digg and that is what gets reflected from the stats too.