Happy New Year 2008

Reflecting on the year gone by (2007), it has been quite some year for me professionally what with so many prizes/awards (1st prize for Collaborative Logistics Mashup for Mashup Idea and Assembly, 1st Prize in the wireless competition for the Connected Services Sandbox, 1st prize for Session Search CSF competition and the overall Series winner). All these awards came with good prize money so even more rewarding :)

This year lady luck smiled on me even in quizzes with me and my partner Abha Shah coming runners up in the Pune Tata Crucible. We could have been the winners if we were a little faster with our fingers in the buzzer round. A good commentary of the same is on Jay's blog (Abha's husband). Last year, 2006 I had come 3rd in Pune round of Tata Crucible.Then there were few awards at my Company level, Best Speaker award, Innovation award (which I am very proud of).

Professionally, my wife Monica also has been doing great with she delivering successfully one of the biggest projects in the company. She now moves on to take higher responsibilities.

I hope Lady luck stays with us the next year too and enriches us both professionally and personally. Hope the same for all the readers of my blog. A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year !!