DigiJives #1 – Privacy / Instant Ads / Facebook to rule the next web

Starting today, I will be posting small briefs of the stories that catches my attention. I will be publishing these every 2-3 days and eventually the goal would be to publish these daily (not making any promises, history against me :))

Internet Issues

Making Sense of Privacy and Publicity

With great examples from the recent Google Buzz launch and last years Facebook Proivacy setting issues, Danah Boyd in her Keynote at SxSW-Interactive says that Privacy is not dead, just that people need to be in control over their content. When you lose control of your content, you lose privacy. Read the entire Transcript on Danah’s site here.

Marketing and Advertising

NYTimes.com - Instant Ads Set the Pace on the Web

Companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft let advertisers buy ads in the milliseconds between the time someone enters a site’s Web address and the moment the page appears. The technology, called real-time bidding, allows advertisers to examine site visitors one by one and bid to serve them ads almost instantly.

Social Networks

Get ready for a new web. It's big, it's blue, and it's social.

Steve Rubel says Facebook will rule the Web in next decade, so much so that it will become the #1 website in the world in next three years. Some great data points in there,

According to Compete.com, Facebook recently became the top source of traffic to major sites such as Yahoo and MSN, surpassing Google. Hitwise said that Facebook is the fourth leading traffic driver to news sites.

Nielsen reported that in January, U.S. consumers spent a staggering seven hours a month on Facebook -- more than three and a half times the time spent on Yahoo, which ranked second in attention.

Finally, while still tiny compared to Google, search queries on Facebook climbed 13% in January, according to ComScore.

On a lighter note

On a lighter note, "How many Social Media consultants does it take to change a light bulb" - Courtesy – Digital Marketing Inner Circle

None. "Look, if all you're thinking about is changing the light bulb, you're missing the point. The idea is to first lurk around in the room and watch other people changing light bulbs. Then, start providing commentary and encouragement to those that are changing light bulbs. Then, build relationships with these people in the lighting community. Then -- and only then, should you even think about trying to change the light bulb.