Honeycomb is looking good

Caught the Techcrunch demo of the upcoming Motorola Xoom tablet running the new Android Honeycomb OS which unlike other versions of Android is focused on tablets. Features that stood out for me – Performance and the ability to set up your home screen using widgets (so much cool than stupid icons). The use of widgets on home screen seems to be inspired from Live Tiles on Windows Phone 7 but given the size of Tablets, you can do so much more here.

First Impressions Using Android Honeycomb, Google’s iPad Rival

But Honeycomb changes all that. It’s a solid competitor to iOS — better, even, in some ways. I won’t be at all surprised if we see Honeycomb explode on tablets the way Android has exploded on mobile handsets since the original Droid launched in November 2009. Yes, carriers and OEMs will undoubtedly add their own skins and bundled applications, but provided they don’t do anything too outrageous to the user experience, Honeycomb feels like a winner.