Microsoft. Kicks. Ass.

There’s something quintessentially American about Microsoft. Start, grow, fight, claw, win. Get knocked down, get back up. Fight again, lose again. Get mocked, laughed at, ridiculed, and ignored. But never give up. Never say die. Never stop believing that the dream is possible … that you can do it.

Microsoft has been many things for many years, but loveable hasn’t been at top of the list. And yet, there’s still a very strong, very large contingent of users and devotees that cheer on Microsoft, that want Microsoft to win.

This one is for them.

Strong words but being in Redmond and working closely with Microsoft, I echo these sentiments. Everytime the company gets knocked around, it gets up and has another card up their sleeve. We have seen this with Bing, Windows Phone, XBOX and now Windows itself. And all the while providing a better competition, a solid alternative. What we need now is avoiding miscues as we have seen in the past. I am liking the Microsoft of today...and tomorrow.