Microsoft - No move away from the PC

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo of CNBC, Steve Ballmer answers the question to what Horace Dediu predicted as end of PC era.

BARTIROMO: But do you need a transformative move to really make sure it's in people's face, that yes, you are in that space in terms of these different consumer trends, in terms of this move away from the PC model and toward wireless?

Mr. BALLMER: Well, let me first disagree with you. There's no move away from the PC. There is an embrace of other new form factors, which I think is fantastic, but people aren't stopping one thing and doing another. They're doing these things more or less additively, which I think is important. Do we have a lot of opportunity and a lot of desire to really drive hard, particularly in the phone? Absolutely. And Windows Phone 7, which we introduced two months ago, that's the shot.