Photosynth App for iOS and the noise around the release

Bing team today launched the Photosynth App for iOS devices (iPhone 4/3GS, iPod Touch and iPad) which allows you to capture panoramas of places to share with your friends and with the world via Bing Maps or Facebook.

Capture and Share Panoramas Anywhere You Go with the Photosynth App

Today, we're introducing the official Photosynth app which lets you capture amazing panoramas of your favorite places to share with your friends and even the world with Bing Maps. (The app is currently available via iTunes and will be available on iOS devices later today.) Photosynth’s interactive panoramas allow you to look left, right, up and down, letting you capture and view more of the places you visit.

There have been a lot of talk today on Microsoft releasing the app on iOS platform before it released it on its own Windows Phone 7 platform. While I am sure that Bing team is working hard to release the WP7 version, I am glad that Bing team was sensible enough to not get emotional and wait for the WP7 version to be ready for a simultaneous release. What Bing did today was show a great business sense in releasing the app on a platform which has about 25% market share. Bing is a different business by nature (and organization within Microsoft) and it has different priorities. So far Bing has had quite a year gaining share from Google and other search players. It will only help that more people know about Bing and a presence in iTunes with an as innovative app as Photosynth will only help the cause.

Good Job Microsoft. We will wait.