WP7 Marketplace to get new Distribution Options

With a view towards greater Enterprise adoptions, Windows Phone Marketplace is getting Private distribution option. The Private option allows you to provide deep linking to apps so that you can limit the distribution of these apps to a select few. Microsoft also spoke about beta functionality in Mix event this year which allows upto app distribution to 100 users and the apps need to be free.

Microsoft readies private marketplace feature for Windows Phones

The private/beta capability will be rolled out as part of the “Mango” Windows Phone 7 release this fall. Private apps will have no time or download limit, but will not be searchable in the public Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Beta apps will be limited to 100 users and will expire after 90 days. Windows Phone beta apps must be free, while the private apps may be free or paid.

App developers will be able to make beta versions of their Windows Phone apps available to WP users with this functionality. And businesses will be able to make custom applications available to their employees and/or partners only using the private marketplace.