Reason why Steve Ballmer is still the CEO of Microsoft

Microsoft: An Objective View of Ballmer's Successful Leadership

After a thorough examination of Microsoft's transition during the last 11 years under Ballmer's leadership, it is clear from a long-term investment perspective that Microsoft has dramatically improved as a business and especially as a potential investment.

Although Microsoft does not currently enjoy the positive market sentiment of Apple, Google, or IBM - when compared to similar blue-chip players with a strong moat, MSFT is a clear winner.

Microsoft is currently trading ($27.50) at an Ex-Cash P/E of 7.88. If you don't trust MSFT with its cash pile, than the straight P/E is 10.22. The ex-cash trailing 10yr PEG ratio of MSFT (my personal valuation favorite) is a shocking 0.52.

While the rest of the investment world treats Ballmer with scorn, you can now cite his strong track record of corporate performance and rest safely with a man who truly "loves his job:"