We should stop innovating if there is no protection to our inventions

So Microsoft filed legal actions against Barnes & Noble Inc, Foxconn International Holdings Ltd., and Inventec Corporation for patent infringement by the Nook e-reader and the Nook Color tablet, both of which run the Android operating system. Some people got the legal action, some people chose to remain blind. My take – If Microsoft is able to have licensing deals with HTC and Amazon.com, then the same should apply (forcibly if required) to other companies like B&N, Motorola etc. OR HTC and Amazon should also stop paying these licensing money. In the first place, we should not give such patents out to Microsoft or any other tech company. OR We should not invent and innovate if our inventions have no protection. You choose.

Android Patent Infringement: Licensing is the Solution

To help companies address Android’s ongoing infringement, we’ve established an industry-wide licensing program. Last year, HTC took a license covering its Android-based smartphones, confirming the viability of our license-first approach. In the e-reader space, Amazon.com signed a patent license with Microsoft last year covering its Kindle device. And many other device makers have also taken licenses to Microsoft’s patents under a number of existing licensing programs. Unfortunately, after more than a year of discussions, Barnes & Noble, Foxconn and Inventec have so far been unwilling to sign a license, and therefore, we have no other choice but to bring legal action to defend our innovations.